[SOLVED] Add custom glyphicons

Hello @all,

how can I add custom glyphicons which are created on iconmoon.io to a meteor app?
Thanks for the answers.


That site looked disfunctional until I disabled uBlock and then I was hit with a ton of ads… So firstly I’m not sure why you want to add icons from that site. It just contains ads from other sources.

Glyphicons.com and fontawesome.io are great options to start with. Otherwise, I’d imagine you’re going to be downloading the images manually into your public folder or referencing them via a cdn.

I believe he meant icomoon.io.

Ohh sorry, my mistake, I mean icomoon.io.

  1. Copy icomoon.css to a client folder, such as yourproject/client/fonts/icomoon
  2. Copy all other files to a public folder, such as yourproject/public/fonts/icomoon
  3. Open icomoon.css and update all paths so that they are relative to your public folder, like this: src:url('/fonts/icomoon/icomoon.eot?-607wsm')

Thank you Steve,

I will try it out.

Cool it works. Thanks.