[SOLVED]Apollo - props can be console.logged but not rendered

Hey everyone,
It’s all in the title. I can’t figure why I can console.log the title of the post but not render it (nor pass it as a prop for a child component). What’s going wrong here ?

import React from 'react';
import { graphql } from 'react-apollo';
import gql from 'graphql-tag';

const EditHeader = (props) => (
//  {props.data.Post.title} -> this won't work
    <button onClick={() => console.log(props.data.Post.title)}>Console</button>

const FeedEditedPost = gql`query GetPost {
  Post (id: "345"){
const EditPostWithData = graphql(FeedEditedPost)(EditHeader)
export default EditPostWithData

Edit : comp was rendered before it had the time to load. Solved with adding

if (this.props.data.loading) {
  return (<div>Loading</div>)
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Hey! I just wanted to thank you for updating your post once you found the solution. I was working on this for hours before I found your post and it solved my issue. Thanks again!

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