[solved] App does not work on the iPad using TestFlight, it opens and closes just after

Hi guys, I have a new app and I’m in the process to submit to Apple Store.

Everything works fine (run ios, run ios-device, build and running with XCode) but when I upload to iTunes Connect and I try to test with TestFlight my app opens, the splash screen appear for 1 second and immediately closes.

My application does not use any cordova plugin or fancy stuff for mobile. Android apk is working well and published in Google Play.

Anyone have similar issue or know a way to debug in this scenario for understand better the problem?

I’m using Meteor 1.3.0.


Assuming you mean Meteor 1.3.0, this is a known issue for which a workaround will be in the next patch version. But in the meantime you can also make the required changes yourself in Xcode, see the issue for more information.

Oh, thanks! Good to know!

Do you have any estimate date for this patch?

Probably sometime next week.

Sounds good.

And the problem was solved doing this config manually.