[solved ]Application keeps getting slower until I restart server

I have an app that is king of a video gallery.
Whenever I start it (or restart the server) it works fine.
However, after some time the app keeps getting slower, images take time to appear, metadata takes time to load. In the network analyses I can’t find the problem. It appears that the app takes very long to make the necessary requests, that than are replied as usual.

How can I dig deeper into this problem and identify it clearly?
Or is this common, and how can I fix it?


please share what kind of OS are you using , meteor version. Is it deployed somewhere or are you running it locally with meteor command?



The server is running a docker in Linux with nodejs (6.9.2) (provided by Bluemix).
I’m using meteor METEOR@ I build a package with meteor and deploy it to the nodejs environment.


I faced exact situation. Please use Node 4 as meteor 1.4.3 is not yet optimized for Node 6.

I’m gonna try this. Thanks!

This issue hasn’t happen again, so I’m marking it as solved.
Thanks @mipasov!