[Solved] April 30: Issues when deploying to new meteor.com subdomain


I have a Meteor project running on an existing meteor.com server (say existing-app.meteor.com)
I’d like to deploy a second instance of the app to a new subdomain (new-app.meteor.com).

Deploying with command meteor deploy existing-app.meteor.com is successful.

However when I try to execute meteor deploy new-app.meteor.com

I get the following error: ‘Error deploying application: Service temporary unavailable. Please try again later’.

I’ve tried a couple of names, but deploying only seems to work on existing subdomains.
This is going on for a couple of hours now, not sure if there’s an outage and if there’s any place to ‘check status’ to see if it’s fixed.

It would help if somebody can confirm that I’m not the only one with these issues.


I think this relates to April 30: all apps deployed to meteor.com are crushed


Deployment is successful now, looks like the outage is over