[solved] Best practise to make a list sortable by drag&drop and persist the new order?

Hi guys,

I am searching for a package to make a list sortable by the user with the help of drag & drop
and persist the new order to the collection.

I have already lost some time playing with rubaxa:sortable (https://atmospherejs.com/rubaxa/sortable), which I couldn’t get to work even with a very simple use-case (I might be doing something wrong there: https://github.com/RubaXa/Sortable/issues/465).

What do you guys recon as the simplest way to persist the order to a collection?
Have you guys made any good experience to share?

I am really looking forward to your answers. :smile:

@aldeed: do you know a simple solution to make an aldeed:tabular or aldeed:autoform sortable?

@themeteorchef had a great post about this a little while back: Adding Drag and Drop Sorting to Lists

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JQuery UI Sortable is another way to go. See here for a write up.

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Hi guys,

thanks for pushing me to give the differencial blog-tutorial a try: http://blog.differential.com/sortable-lists-in-meteor-using-jquery-ui/

It was really easy to implement… in less then 5 Minutes… :smile:

We learn that there is not always a need for a big-ass 3rd party package. :smile:

For tabular, it can probably be done with this extension: http://datatables.net/extensions/rowreorder/

But I haven’t tried it, and persisting the change back to the collection would still require a little event handler code I believe.

Hi guys,

its been a while, but this topic kept on popping up for me.

Right now I am using my manual version heavily inspired by http://blog.differential.com/sortable-lists-in-meteor-using-jquery-ui/, BUT it does NOT work with touch devices.

Are there any new BLAZE packages out there making this easy?

I guess if now I’ll either have to switch to https://github.com/RubaXa/Sortable/issues/465 and fix the bug, or enable a touch-hack for jquery, like http://touchpunch.furf.com/.