[Solved] Can I modify app.js in ....\web.browser\app

Hello folks,

I am a newbie to Meteor.
But I am trying to add a new feature on Semantic Segmentation Editor made by Meteor.

When I wrote prototype of a new feature and tried to apply it to SSE, I realized app.js in .meteor\local\build\programs\web.browser\app is unchangeable.

Maybe there is a proper reason for that, can I modify app.js for my interest?

Hi @junechung, Welcome to the forums!

.meteor\local\build\programs\web.browser\app is where the compiled bundle of your app goes and shouldn’t be edited directly. Instead edit your actual app code and meteor will build it into the bundle.

I strongly recommend having a read of the Meteor Guide.

What exactly are you wanting to achieve? and why are you looking at doing it in the bundle?

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Oh I see.

It’s a bundled javascript file.
It seemed like that but I only could find some method definition in it.

Just before I tried again and found method definition in real javascipt code.
Thanks a lot~

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