[SOLVED] Can not install unsigned apk for my meteor app?


I can install apk files from APK Mirror dot com but I can not install the unsigned apk file I get from the meteor build command. My android version is 9.

I have not signed it nor zipaligned it. Is that needed?
I don’t get a specific message. I just get a message that says The app was not installed.
How can I know why? Or How can I fix this.

Thanks a lot, please help.

Have you enabled installing apks from unknown sources?

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Yes, I have enabled apks from unknown sources. And I also have installed apks I downloaded from APK Mirror dot com.
I can share the file with anyone willing to test.

Sorry, maybe it goes without saying… but, are you sure not have already an app with same name installed with a different signature ?

I am sure I do not have another app with the same name.
The thing is I don’t get an specific message to know the reason.
I can share the file with anyone willing to test.

I can give it a try.

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I’ve uploaded the apk to google drive:

Thanks for the help.

@jpfernandezl So I tried installing and got an “App not installed” error. I googled this and found some common suggestions to fix this. One of them was to add an android:installLocation="internalOnly" attribute on the root element of your AndroidManifest.xml. After spending a couple hours finding a way to edit the apk, I did just that and the app installed cleanly after that. Hopefully this helps.

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Thanks a lot. I will do that. Which app did you use to update the manifest?

The easiest option I could find was an app for android called APK Editor Pro. Unfortunately it was changed on Google play to APK Parser and editing functionality was removed. The older APKs are of course available for download on various sites though and the last version to have editing functionality is located here.

Once you open the app, choose the find apk file option and choose an apk from the dialog. It’ll bring up a prompt; choose common edit. This will bring up a screen where you can use a dropdown to select the install location and then you can just click save. A new apk will be generated and stored in device storage for the app.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

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