[SOLVED] Can not set headers for response on WebApp.rawConnectHandlers

Have a little server-side code. We have an old website and going to “transfer” some of pages from there:

Request = Npm.require('request')
Fiber 	= Npm.require('fibers')

WebApp.rawConnectHandlers.use (req, res, next) ->
	handle = ->
		dispatchRoute(req, res, next)
	if Fiber.current
		fiber = new Fiber(handle)

dispatchRoute = (req, res, next) ->
	# little check here and
	# call next() if we do not need to request for old page

	opt = 
		url: Meteor.settings.oldDomainUrl
		headers: req.headers
	Request opt, (err, answ, body) ->
		res.writeHead(200, answ.headers).end(body)

It worked ok, until I decided to transfer all the headers from origin. And now res.writeHead(200, answ.headers).end(body) crashes the app. I found that it is about answ.headers. So I’ve tryed to set headers from answ with res.setHeader but got crashes again. It works fine if I do not touch answ.headers. Checked for pure node.js + Connect and the code works without any problems. Could it be Meteor or WebApp issue