[solved] Cannot find module '@babel/runtime/helpers/builtin/objectSpread' after update meteor to

i updated my meteor project to Meteor and i got this error message

 => Exited with code: 1
W20180403-15:33:17.531(2)? (STDERR) E:\Personnal folders\quicktext5\.meteor\local\build\programs\server\boot.js:475
W20180403-15:33:17.534(2)? (STDERR) }).run();
W20180403-15:33:17.535(2)? (STDERR)    ^
W20180403-15:33:17.539(2)? (STDERR)
W20180403-15:33:17.540(2)? (STDERR) Error: Cannot find module '@babel/runtime/helpers/builtin/objectSpread'
W20180403-15:33:17.541(2)? (STDERR)     at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:547:15)
W20180403-15:33:17.543(2)? (STDERR)     at Function.resolve (internal/module.js:18:19)
W20180403-15:33:17.547(2)? (STDERR)     at Object.require (E:\Personnal folders\quicktext5\.meteor\local\build\programs\server\boot.js:288:32)
W20180403-15:33:17.548(2)? (STDERR)     at makeInstallerOptions.fallback (packages\modules-runtime.js:651:18)
W20180403-15:33:17.548(2)? (STDERR)     at require (packages\modules-runtime.js:244:16)
W20180403-15:33:17.549(2)? (STDERR)     at livedata_connection.js (E:\Personnal folders\quicktext5\.meteor\local\build\programs\server\packages\ddp-client.js:149:45)
W20180403-15:33:17.550(2)? (STDERR)     at fileEvaluate (packages\modules-runtime.js:343:9)
W20180403-15:33:17.550(2)? (STDERR)     at require (packages\modules-runtime.js:238:16)
W20180403-15:33:17.551(2)? (STDERR)     at namespace.js (packages/ddp-client/common/namespace.js:1:300)
W20180403-15:33:17.556(2)? (STDERR)     at fileEvaluate (packages\modules-runtime.js:343:9)

i tried to delete the node_modules folder and run npm install .
I also tried to install meteor npm install --save babel-runtime but still got the same Error
Any suggestions ?


Check the release notes. In particular:

The meteor-babel npm package has been updated to version 7.0.0-beta.42, which may require updating any custom Babel plugins you’ve enabled in a .babelrc file, and/or running the following command to update @babel/runtime:

meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest


thanks alot man , it worked for me


Thank god we have people like @robfallows!


+1 @robfallows you’re a godsend, thank you


Godspeed, @robfallows. Saved me countless hours and a few headaches. If you ever need a beer send me your venmo.

After upgrading 1.7, getting below error unfortunately can’t get rid of by installing @babel/runtime via npm

W20180804-15:20:47.159(3)? (STDERR) D:\Work\nosqlclient\.meteor\local\build\programs\server\boot.js:475
W20180804-15:20:47.258(3)? (STDERR) }).run();
W20180804-15:20:47.258(3)? (STDERR)    ^
W20180804-15:20:47.259(3)? (STDERR) 
W20180804-15:20:47.259(3)? (STDERR) Error: Cannot find module '@babel/runtime/helpers/builtin/interopRequireDefault'
W20180804-15:20:47.259(3)? (STDERR)     at Function.Module._resolveFilename (module.js:547:15)
W20180804-15:20:47.259(3)? (STDERR)     at Function.resolve (internal/module.js:18:19)
W20180804-15:20:47.260(3)? (STDERR)     at Object.require (D:\Work\nosqlclient\.meteor\local\build\programs\server\boot.js:288:32)
W20180804-15:20:47.260(3)? (STDERR)     at makeInstallerOptions.fallback (packages\modules-runtime.js:604:18)
W20180804-15:20:47.260(3)? (STDERR)     at Module.require (packages\modules-runtime.js:230:14)
W20180804-15:20:47.260(3)? (STDERR)     at require (packages\modules-runtime.js:244:21)
W20180804-15:20:47.261(3)? (STDERR)     at livedata_connection.js (D:\Work\nosqlclient\.meteor\local\build\programs\server\packages\ddp-client.js:147:30)
W20180804-15:20:47.261(3)? (STDERR)     at fileEvaluate (packages\modules-runtime.js:322:7)
W20180804-15:20:47.261(3)? (STDERR)     at Module.require (packages\modules-runtime.js:224:14)
W20180804-15:20:47.261(3)? (STDERR)     at require (packages\modules-runtime.js:244:21)

running meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest
didn’t solve the problem for me

Keep your @babel/runtime version at 7.0.0-beta.55

The latest version of 7.0.0-beta.56 has a breaking change that is only fixed at Meteor 1.7.1-beta.27


I am having this problem when I am tring to run the app. meteor npm install @babel/runtime@latest did not worked.

This may sound unfriendly: But did you read all the posts in this topic?

I tried that but it is not working. My previous project is working fine with version 42. Error: Cannot find module @babel/runtime/helpers/builtin/interopRequireDefault. Any other solution?

According to @rjdavid’s answer, meteor npm install @babel/runtime@7.0.0-beta.55 does work.


yup… this worked for me. Was following tutorial and boom… did not get very far.

meteor npm install @babel/runtime@7.0.0-beta.55


or simply remove the caret ^ in package.json and thus pin it to a specific version.


As some one who is new I had no idea I could simply make a change the package file and fix the issue…


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You know I love the Meteor framework but there needs to be a better job at testing and communicating with their user base.

I just got a new Mac because I want to build apps for iOS devices. So I install meteor, create a meteor app and run meteor as described in the instructions. And I get this @babel/runtime error.

There has to be a way to communicate better to us. And BTW yes @robfollows is the man. He has saved me more than once.

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In fairness to Meteor, the breaking changes happened outside of Meteor e.g. an npm package. Checking the releases now, they are preparing the release of (in rc.1) to handle the breaking changes brought by the babel package.

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this work for me also, thanks!
just run:

meteor npm install @babel/runtime@7.0.0-beta.55

This worked for me, thank you!

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