[SOLVED] Cannot find module 'v-markdown'

sorry for posting another ‘Cannot find…’ question, perhaps there is somewhere an instruction how to debug these?
I installed v-markdown using meteor npm i v-markdown and I added
import VMarkdown from 'v-markdown'; Vue.use(VMarkdown);
to client/main.js. Nevertheless I get Cannot find module 'v-markdown'
It seems to be included in exactly the same way as VueMeteorTracker which works fine. Also the folder node_modules/v-markdown exists, the only difference I can see is that it has a build subfolder where VueMeteorTracker has a dist subfolder.
I am using Vue 2.
Any hint?

Solved: Unlike said in the documentation of v-markdown, it needs to be imported from v-markdown/src There is an open pull request for this on github.