[Solved] Can't access Galaxy account


I understand this is not the place for Galaxy related support, but we can’t access our galaxy account and thus can’t request support from there.

We are having issues login-in to Galaxy. When we go to galaxy.meteor.com it tells us we don’t have access to galaxy. If we login on meteor.com and click on ‘view account’ it shows that we don’t have galaxy associated with our account - clicking on either region tells us again that we don’t have access to galaxy. Our previously created organization has been removed from the account and it currently shows as ‘You aren’t in any organizations yet!’.

On the console: Error deploying application: Your account is not authorized to deploy to Galaxy.

Both our containers are reachable by their respective URLs and we just received an email that a payment covering both containers has successfully been received and applied to our account.

What is going?
We can’t deploy to our servers and we can’t access our galaxy accounts. We are effectively locked out.

Many thanks, looking forward hearing from you.



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Sorry you’re experiencing issues with deployment. Can you please send me a private message and we can create a support case for you and have our team help troubleshoot? Thanks!