[SOLVED] Check IP address on API applications

I have created a API application using meteor framework and i am using simple:json-routes package for routing. is there any way to check the IP address of client (from request) ? how to check clients IP address on simple:json-routes package? Thanks in advance.

const parseIp = (req) =>
    (typeof req.headers['x-forwarded-for'] === 'string'
        && req.headers['x-forwarded-for'].split(',').shift())
    || req.connection?.remoteAddress
    || req.socket?.remoteAddress
    || req.connection?.socket?.remoteAddress

const ipAddress = parseIp(req);

Based on this answer in SO.

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Thank you @peterfkruger i am using a middleware function for check the ip address, but the req object is empty in my middleware function.

Can you paste your code here please.

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i have changed my code to–
JsonRoutes.Middleware.use(function (request,
JsonRoutes.Middleware.use(function (req,

and now its working thank you very much :slight_smile: