[SOLVED] Cloudflare Refresh Problem

UPDATE: In case anyone finds this thread. This was not an issue with Cloudflare. We still don’t know exactly what it was but with the update to 1.7 it stopped happening.

Calling all Cloudflare experts! :slight_smile:

We recently started using Cloudflare and so far it’s been pretty good except our users started complaining that the app was refreshing on them occasionally every few hours, and sometimes repeated times within a few minutes. We suspect the browser cache setting as we had it on 4 hours (which seems reasonable - the default value) and when we changed it to 8 days the problem disappeared… until today about 6 days after we changed the setting. Setting the browser cache so high doesn’t seem like the right solution. Do any of you know of what specific cloudflare->meteor interaction that might be causing this? We’re hosting on Galaxy.

Most things in our setup are default, standard caching level etc.

All help appreciated

I just experience the same issue (or similar). But I can definitely say that this happens on deployment. Even though I clear the cache, the browser cache remains untouched, so on automatic reload triggered by Meteor (after deployment) it loads the document from the browser cache which causes the infinite reload.

I’m also still looking for a solution to this.

Hi @vuhrmeister. I think the problem you mention is different to ours and I’ve seen threads discussing it here. The 2 main ones I see mentioned are problems with the ssl config causing infinite redirects and also the issue you mention on deployment - if you search here I think you’ll find some useful info.

Unfortunately I’ve not seen anyone (yet) who’s experiencing our precise problem here :roll_eyes: We’ve switched it off just to be 100% certain it is cloudflare.

I’m using Cloudflare with caching and SSL and haven’t had any issues. Strange.

So seems like you didn’t actually solve it then :laughing:

One thing to be way of is that if you’ve got multiple instances running behind a load balancer, Cloudflare may not be able to find the files requested by the client. If it grabs the HTML from server A which points to A.js as the JavaScript file, and then CloudFlare tries to grab the JS file from server B instead which has not yet been updated and is serving B.js instead, you’ll likely see that infinite reloading. Also, be careful not to cache the / route.