[SOLVED] CollectionFS: Resize already existing images?

So I’ve got an already existing collections of uploaded images, and now I’d like to add a new thumbnail size. I know how to resize new images (this is what my 300px thumbnail store looks like)

new FS.Store.GridFS("300", {
	mongoUrl: 'mongodb://',
	beforeWrite(fileObj) {
		return {
			name: fixString(fileObj.original.name)
	transformWrite:  function(fileObj, readStream, writeStream) {
		if(fileObj.meta.domain == setting('company') && /jpe?g|png/.test(fileObj.original.type)){
			var size = '300';
			gm(readStream).autoOrient().resize(size, size, '^').gravity('Center').extent(size, size).stream('PNG').pipe(writeStream);

But if I create another store, how do I trigger CollectionFS to go through all my old images, resize them and add them to it?

Aha, I RTFM and found the answer! :smile: