[SOLVED] Deploying 1.6 with mup fails

    const { pause } = require("./debug.js");

SyntaxError: Unexpected token {

Upgrading to Node 8.8.1 fixed it


Hi Mickael, I have the same problem, could you explain how to go about upgrading to Node 8.8.1?

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Same problem, even when I install Node 8.8.1…

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I upgraded to Node 8.8.1 on the development pc, which didn’t help, and the error is coming from the server anyway. I see mup used to have a nodeVersion option, but that no longer seems to be supported. I thought that mup always installs the right Node version for the version of Meteor, and can’t see how to change that. Any further guidance form Mickael would be much appreciated.

See here: https://hub.docker.com/r/abernix/meteord/ for updating the docker image to one that uses the correct version of node for meteor 1.6.


image: 'abernix/meteord:node-8.4.0-base',

Thanks that has resolved the issue.

Thank you, this fixed it for me.

Thank you so much. Worked like charm!

MickaelFM uses this classic version of mup https://github.com/M4v3R/meteor-up
that’s why he did not change the version of docker but the node version in mup.json :wink:

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Just as a sidenote: About the abernix/meteord/base docker image:
I already pm’ed @abernix about updating the base to node 8.8.1. Hopefully he will reply soon and provide an updated image. :slight_smile:

Just to help people to find this error, the MUP report this error as “502 Bad Gateway” and is related in mup project with SSL.

I expend hours trying to find a solution in that way, until someone point to me to the logs and this thread.

This might be an incredibly stupid question, but will this image change affect the existing mongodb data in any way? I’m afraid of losing the current live data.

Nope, the mongo uses a different image, and almost certainly uses a docker volume (mounts to a folder on your server)

Thanks, much appreciated. I will do a manual backup and give this a try, hopefully the fix will work.

I moved to abernix/meteord:node-8.9.0-base image but I’m still getting the same error. Any thoughts?

Me too… Node version 8.4.0 and using abernix/meteord:node-8.4.0-base. I’m getting sick of this

I just ran into this exact error when using Node 4 to run an app which was meteor build (built) with Meteor 1.6.

Are those experiencing this absolutely positive that they’re using the correct Docker image?

I sometimes ran into weird mup errors which could be fixed by just running docker stop <your-container> before deploying a new version. don’t ask me why this helped but maybe try that first!

There is a 10% chance that I had improperly tagged an abernix/meteord base Node.js 8 image as a Node.js 4 for a period of time. I can’t validate this, but it’s possible, and I would have accidentally fixed it already.

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