[SOLVED]: Discover Meteor Collections: Help with Client-Server Communication

I am working through Chapter 4 of Discover Meteor. I have inserted a Post into MongoDB through the shell. Now I am learning about Client-Server communication with Collections. I am told to open my browser console and view the collection. Attached is a screenshot. Does this error have something to do with the book being outdated or did I blatantly do something incorrectly?


if you don’t enable autopublish and insecure plugins , u cant acess collection from console.
you have to use publish & subscribe!

The book has not mentioned this so far. Is this a new feature?

Here is my project on GitHub - https://github.com/jonathanmusso/microscope

use meteortoys allthings

and check out leveluptuts

I am trying to understand your comment here. Since looking at Meteortoys, I am assuming this is required because the way the book teaches is deprecated?

your chrome console is set up on adblock library (top left of console with drop down arrow) set it to top and you will be able to access mongo client side,

happy coding Jo

Got it to work with Meteor Toys. I will also check out Ad Blocker. Thanks all.