[SOLVED] Does version 2.6.1 support Tailwind 3 ?!

Does version 2.6.1 support Tailwind 3 ? !!

I do not see anything here :

Not yet. Tailwind 3 support is coming in version 2.7. There is a release candidate version of it but we still need to solve an issue before releasing it.

But here it says that meteor 2.6 supports Tailwind 3. Isn’t that true?

@matik its just preview

@saeeed is right, that was just a preview. Basically, everything in that document will be valid for version 2.7. It is close to be released.

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Meteor 2.7 with Tailwind 3 support is already out, soon we will recommend it and announce it on our channels (blog, social, etc).

The docs are now up to date and you can see the changelog and follow the migration guide to start using it.
Let us know if any issues are found.