[Solved] Dynamic import route with Blaze (with different layout)

I am using blaze with dynamic imports, this is working fine when I don’t specify a layout
This is working fine (except the text iron_core.js Route dispatch never rendered. Did you forget to call this.next() in an onBeforeAction?)

But now I would like to setup a layout and this goes into infinite loop :

Do you know how to handle this ?

This seems to work (setting the layout before the import callback):

Router.route('/test-route-with-layout-not-working', function () {
  import('./test-route.js').then(() => {

Hi @dokithonon, so this worked for you?

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Yes this worked for me.

Probably the best way to do this with IronRouter is using their waitOn option.

Unfortunately they don’t support the usual async handling, and instead use Meteor’s reactivity, re-running the function when a dependency changes and waiting until the function returns truthy.

This means you’ll need to use a ReactiveVar to get it working:

Router.route('/test-route-with-layout-not-working', {
  loadingTemplate: 'loading',
  waitOn() {
    // Return a function that gets run reactively
    return () => {
      // when we're loaded return true to continue. This also registers a dependency on state
      if (this.state.get('testRouteLoaded')) return true;

      import('./test-route.js').then(() => {
        // changing the state will get waitOn to re-run, which will return true
        this.state.set('testRouteLoaded', true);
  action() {
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