[Solved] Error after update apollo-client to 0.10.0

Today I updated apollo-client in my test Meteor app from 0.9.0 to 0.10.0.
And now in my Chrome console:

Uncaught Error: Batch middleware must implement the applyBatchMiddleware function

Meteor apollo ver. 0.4.1
apollo-client ver. 0.10.0
react-apollo ver. 0.13.0

And only one row:

const client = new ApolloClient(meteorClientConfig())

What I have to change?

GraphiQL is normal working…
Downgraded to 0.9.0 now…

There are breaking changes in 0.x releases, I’d suggest filing an issue on the meteor integration repo: https://github.com/apollographql/meteor-integration

Same with standalone Apollo (no meteor)

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I have the same issue

Apollo-client 0.10.1 - no luck…

This is a breaking change, not a bug - if you are using batching you need to change the way you write your middleware, and implement an applyBatchMiddleware function instead to set headers.

Now everything OK.
apollo-client ver. 0.10.1
apollo ver. 0.5.0

And some useful link in this Issue
Thank you!

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