[Solved] Error: Certificate has expired

That solution worked for me, thanks a lot!!

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This worked for me too, thanks a lot :smile: :raised_hands:

Hello, Where would you change environment variables in windows or does meteor have its own settings page for environment variables.?

I am using Meteor version, Node version 8.8.1.
I added in settings.json as following
galaxy.meteor.com”: {

And before running meteor, I run the command also.
error: certificate has expired
always happen and cannot run this project.
And in the hosts file, there isn’t the entry warehouse.meteor.com.
Please help me.

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Which OS are you using? Can you run it neither locally nor on Meteor Cloud?

I have same issue. Could anyone please help me to fix this issue?

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Hi @leostar, did you follow our instructions here?

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