[SOLVED] Error with Autoform and Cloudinary package

I’m having problems with Autoform and the cosio55:autoform-cloudinary package. The console gives me this error: Uncaught Error: Illegal HTML attribute name: 0

My settings.json:

  "public": {
    "CLOUDINARY_CLOUD_NAME": "nameofmycloud"


And the Autoform simpleschema field:

image: {
	type: String,
	autoform: {
	    afFieldInput: 'cloudinary'


{{> quickForm collection="Catches" id="insertCatchForm" type="insert" buttonContent="Create"}}

I have checked my list, and all depedencies should be running. I also use Iron Router with scaffolding, and run my app with the following command: iron run
In the readme for Cloudinary it says run with meteor --settings settings.json, but this doesn’t work with Iron Router.

Does anyone have and idea what could be wrong?

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So I figured out the first error, and I had bad syntax in the simpleschema. Updated to:

testing: {
  type: String,
  autoform: {
    afFieldInput: {
      type: 'cloudinary'

This gives me another error:

No component found for rendering input with type "cloudinary"

Edit: Ok, I feel a bit stupid. For some reason, the autoform-cloudinary packeage were for some reason not added after the first install. Installed it again, and now it seems to work.

First week of playing with Meteor, so exuse my novice mistake here :slight_smile: