[solved] ES6: How to attach Blaze Component to global namespace within package?


Hi guys, Hi @mitar,

when using an “all-in-packages” approach with one global namespace (p.e. `´Su = {}``):
How do I attach a Blaze-Component to this namespace within an package:

This example right here destroys my namespace and DOES NOT work - it destroys the namespace within other packages:

// assume that we have a global namespace ``Su`` available
//  and we want to attach a component to it
Su.UseCase = {};  // namespace for  use-case
Su.UseCase.ListComponent = class ListComponent extends BlazeComponent {
  // this destroys the namespace in other packages

Any ideas?


Replied in the ticket: https://github.com/peerlibrary/meteor-blaze-components/issues/103


Great stuff! Thanks!!! And thanks a lot for this wonderful package!!! :smiley: