[Solved] External JSON is inserted as text rather than actual json

Hey all, little help appreciated.

I have a json text, like so:


I would like this to be inserted into the ‘data’ field in my collection row. But it’s being inserted as a STRING rather than an ‘object’.

BAD: The field “data” is a “string”

GOOD: The field “data” is an “object” and has all the fields

I’m tired, what am I missing? :smiley:

Ohh farts looks like my data has quotes on the first part of the string which is bad.

Could the data be double-JSON.stringified? What happens if you do JSON.parse(JSON.parse(body))?

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Thank you bud :slight_smile: Works perfectly

if this is solved, there is a common practice to mark it so. This as exemple: [Solved] Error creating session token

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