[SOLVED] - Galaxy annual plan transferrable among apps?

I have two/three apps deployed on Galaxy. Recently I have made one app a paid Essentials plan. But the monthly payment to Indian credit card is broken (due to new law in India). So we are exploring the annual plan option. Question - if we buy the annual plan for one app and then decide to close the app (due to lack of traction, etc.) will the annual plan go waste or can we use it for a different app? Pls advice.
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You should be able to rename that app and just change the domain/repo/settings… although surprisingly I do not see a way to rename Meteor apps on Galaxy

Hi @digisarathi
Please, send an email to our support@meteor.com so our team can help you
Thank you

Thank you, all. Support replied saying they can do a refund or apply the annual plan to a different app - FYI.