[SOLVED] Galaxy Log virtually unusable?


since a few weeks the logging of Galaxy has changed. Now, you can go back by days, which is nice.
But for me, at least, the new interface is very un-practical: yuu can not search any more :frowning:
You can, of course, use -F and search for text, but scrolling is virtually impossible…
Even a quick -c and pasting to a local editor does not work, as you get only the current screen in die div, and no history. (So, you only get like 50 lines.)

Does anybody else experience this / do you have workarounds? I rely on the log to monitor current users, but in this way I cannot follow what they are doing… :roll_eyes:



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Have you seen this video?

Hi Paul, why can’t you search anymore? The search works exactly as in the past.

Please provide more feedback so we can improve the logs even further. We use the logs every day and for us the last changes are helping a lot and other clients are reporting the same, maybe the way you are using is different and we broke something for your usage.

Also, always remember that we provide fast responses in the tickets and you can ask any questions to our support at support@meteor.com, we reply everybody as fast as possible and we always try to fix any issues as fast as possible as well.

Please open a ticket with more details so we can understand better your usage and improve the logs for you as well.

No, I hadnt’! Thanks for pointing it out!

Hi @filipenevola

The browser-search works, of course, but it only searches in the currently available text in de div - not in “the past”. It is difficult to explain, because, obviously, I cannot show it anymore, but you used to be able to search and use the colored bars in the scrollbar (of Chrome) to scroll back - that does not work anymore…
I missed ( thanx for @storyteller for pointing this out :wink: ) the search-button, which works … good … but it still does not give me the same functionality. (IE: context in time)…

I have users interacting with each other, so user1 “does something” to user2, in which case I need to 1) change my log to echo both ID’s on more lines (which I did not need to to before, because I could see the context in time) or 2) search for both of them and create the context in my head :slight_smile:

I did not want to create a ticket immediately, because I hoped that, and as storyteller pointed out, I missed something…

So this wil probably be an improvement for most use-cases, and I will change my app accordingly to enable searching for the lines I need “in time”.

thanx for replying!