[SOLVED] Generate and Download file in the client side

Is there any way to generate a csv file and download it in the client side using meteor? I would the user to be able to click a button and then a file would be downloaded without leaving the current page.

  'click .csv-export' (event, template) {
    ....code to generate csv
    ....download file

How did you solve it?

In my app where I need similar thing (just with json file), I have one button which sends request to the server to gather the needed data. When the data is received from server I display another button like this:

  Download your data!

The link utilizes the download attribute while encoding the data in the href attribute. As a result once the user clicks the link they will be prompted to download a file with the data that was set it.
I’m sure this can be easily adapted for any other types of files.
Hope this helps.