[Solved] Generate npm dependencies


I am trying to deploy an application to Scalingo and it complains with the following message

error: Can't load npm module 'autoprefixer' from
       packages/minifier-postcss_plugin.js. Check your Npm.depends().

The application works locally without any problem and none of the meteor npm --save install commands that I have tried solved the issue. The only thing that changed with meteor npm --save install autoprefixer was an extra line in package.js

  "dependencies": {
    "autoprefixer": "^6.5.3",

But it didn’t solve the problem.

Scalingo support told me “You need to add autoprefixer in your package.json as dependency to solve this error”. However editing the packages.js is not only something I have never had to do with Meteor.


My mistake. Didn’t commit the change after meteor npm install --save therefore Scalingo didn’t see take it into account.