[Solved] Getting Error starting Mongo in Meteor 1.10.1 on Windows 10

The todo list app, from Meteor tutorial, running in Git Bash on Windows 10, gets error below though still launches.
However I also get issue with my production app which fails to load data from db and doesn’t run.
The tasklist.exe is in c\Windows\System32

$ meteor
[[[[[ C:\GitHub\todolist ]]]]]

=> Started proxy.
Error starting Mongo (2 tries left): Couldn't run tasklist.exe:
{"killed":false,"code":1,"signal":null,"cmd":"tasklist /fi \"IMAGENAME eq
=> Started MongoDB.
=> Started your app.

=> App running at: http://localhost:3000/
   Type Control-C twice to stop.

Tried this issue with tasklist C:\Documents and Settings\appadmin>tasklist ERROR: Invalid class . But no joy. Error comes up in a lot of google results for meteor but it may be OS issue - corrupt OS/disk???

It was an Windows 10 OS issue independent of meteor.
Resolved by following steps in https://www.virtuallyboring.com/microsoft-wmi-invalid-class-error-0x80041010/

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