[SOLVED] Getting related document using Meteor Methods

Hello there !

I’m trying to setup a simple method to find a related document.

Actually here’s my function :

get_reldoc: function(col, remote_col, remote_field) {
        return remote_col.findOne({_id: col.findOne({_id: id}).remote_field});

In my helper, the old way i’m using to get a customer is this way :

customer: () => {
        var id = FlowRouter.getParam('_id');
        return Partners.findOne({_id: Pipelines.findOne({_id: id}).partners_id});

And i want to be able to do this :

customer: () => {
        var id = FlowRouter.getParam('_id');
        return Meteor.call('get_reldoc', Pipelines, Partners, partners_id);

But when i call the methods, it’s simply not working. Does anyone knows why ?

Thanks Meteor Community ! :slight_smile:

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You can’t pass an object like that.

When you use Meteor.call, you’re serializing the arguments as json and posting them to the server. Your Pipelines is being treated as a plain key-value object with no functions.

If you want to dynamically find collections, you’ll need to create a dictionary of your collections, pass a string to the method, and look it up in the method implementation.

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Okay ! I’ll do it this way. Thanks :slight_smile:

Method.call is asynchronous on the client and needs to be provided with a callback function.

Meteor.call('get_reldoc', Pipelines, Partners, partners_id, function(error, result){
  if(error) {
  } else {
    // handle result

I was about to post a new question about it, for handling errors on mail send. You answered it here ! :slight_smile: Thanks @jamgold !