[Solved] Github contributions

Are there any rules about commenting on open PRs on the Github meteor repo?
I have noticed a few stuff that I wanted to ask about and I think can be done better in some pull requests that are open for review. I could not find anything in the CONTRIBUTING doc on this, I only found a list of reviewers there.
My question is can I leave a review comment on the PR changes? or is there a more proper channel to do this sort of stuff?

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Hey @andreyg, thanks for asking!

Leaving review comments on open PRs is completely ok in Meteor’s repositories. Reviewing and giving feedback on pull requests is super important to make sure we have high-quality code.

You can leave your review comments directly on relevant pull requests. It’s the usual way we do things and the easiest way for you to give us feedback.

If you haven’t already, you can also join our Slack, where you can find specific channels to discuss any topic.

@fredmaiaarantes Updating CONTRIBUTING.md to include this clarifying point could be helpful to others.