[SOLVED] Going AFK totally breaks my Meteor App

I get this error:

Clock discrepancy detected. Attempting re-sync.

The only way I can resolve this is detecting if the user has gone AFK for more than 30 seconds, and manually refreshing their client.

This sucks! Anyone have some ideas?


alert(“Oh no, we appear to be mis-communicated from the server!”);

After a week or so with this code running, my app responds EXACTLY as you’d expect. I have a re-subscription function that I’ve built that is called if not syncd. Hope this helps some one.

never had that problem. Need more details to help. Can you reproduce in a public repo?

Is it actually causing any problems?

I’m guessing you already read this

It’s not the PROBLEM, I’m trying to figure out WHY my users are desyncing in the first place!

@Mizzao helped me with the solution, it’s working PERFECTLY

Good! Perhaps edit your question and put [SOLVED] in the title.

Great idea, thanks! Done.

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