[Solved] HMR Anomaly After Updating Project File?

I’m seeing an anomaly with HMR after these updates:

  • Created a new blank Meteor project with Meteor create --minimal.
  • This updated me from Meteor 2.3.4 to Meteor 2.5
  • Brought in all my source code to the new project

When I start my Meteor app from the terminal via meteor --settings settings.json --exclude-archs web.browser.legacy --inspect-brk, HMR runs fine.

But when I start from inside the IDE (IntelliJ), using --settings settings.json --exclude-archs web.browser.legacy --inspect, HMR doesn’t appear to work. (If I use --inspect-brk rather than --inspect, the IDE throws an error.)

  • Launched from terminal: HMR re-loads a page in a little over 2 seconds after edit
  • Launched from inside IDE: page takes 30+ seconds to re-load, suggesting HMR is not operating.

I’ve added HMR with Meteor add hot-module-replacement, and it shows up in the console logs as:

HMR: updated 1 file

…but judging from the time it takes the page to reload, HMR doesn’t seem to be operating.

Any thoughts on how to correct this? I’m probably missing something obvious.

Hi, which framework are you using in the UI? Vue?

It’s a React app. HMR has worked fine with it until my recent updates which I noted above.

I just updated my original Meteor 2.3.4 project folder to Meteor 2.5, and HMR ran correctly.

So it must be something that happened when I created the new project folder. :thinking:

That’s odd, it’s a thing to keep an eye on… But good thing it’s working now.