[Solved] How can I debug "The Mongo server and the Meteor query disagree on how many documents match your query"?


I’m getting the error:

The Mongo server and the Meteor query disagree on how many documents match your query. Cursor description:  CursorDescription {
collectionName: 'orders',
selector: { orderId: undefined },
options: { transform: [Function] } }

And I’ve looked all around the code to try to figure out when this is happening. I know which page that is triggering it.

How should I go about to narrowing down the problem?
Any suggestion would be helpful, because I’m stuck.

Is it when an collection gets publish, or is it when the client do a Orders.find(…)?

The problem is the undefined in your selector. Mongo and meteor treat these differently. The mongo driver removes the key, meteor tries to match literally undefined. It’s a horrible one to track down. I had it myself and was caused by updating to meteor 1.6



So how did you track it down?
Removing client lines or server lines of code?

Is it the client, that calls a Orders.find() with the bad parameter. So it’s in the client code I should go hunting?

Or is it in the server/publish code, do you think?

Meteor’s change log is a great source of information on understanding potential breaking changes before updating your project(s). The one @znewsham refers to is here.

It could be either - if you pass a selector directly through from client to server, you’ll end up with an empty selector - so it won’t be that. But if you pass through a parameter that you think is a string, and it ends up being undefined for some reason, that could cause it. Ultimately it will be somewhere on the server - but the argument could be coming from the client. Add to this, that it could in theory be a third party package making the subscription, and that the error thrown doesnt relate to the code that queries the DB - and this is a real nigthmare to find. I think I ended up patching Mongo.Collection.find and logging an error there if any of the arguments in the selector were undefined.

I do understand what causes it. But I don’t understand how to find it.

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When it happened to me, it was always in the client code. I would begin by logging whatever selector is being passed to Orders.find(…).

Edit: if that shows nothing abnormal, the next place is in your published cursor, which could have something like Meteor.publish('foo', () => Orders.find({ bar: undefined }));

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OK, now I have removed everything that has anything to do with orders on the client page, but it’s still there.

I need to restart the server and then call the page for the exception to get thrown.
Just a client refresh doesn’t provoke the error, so I guess it is something with publish.

Found it!

If this help other people:

I had a template that included another template that included a third.
The third template did a
Meter.publish('devices') on the client.
Which is not the collection that has the error (‘order’) above.

But on the server side in the publishing code
There were a line of code with an Orders.find({orderId: device.orderId}) // device.orderId = undefined

I think I should have found it by a search for Orders.find(..) through the code but somehow I missed that code while searching.

So look for the code in publish on the server is my tip!


You were right with your second comment. Thanks!

I’m glad you managed to find it!