[Solved] How can I use a helper value in a template spacebar?

I"M AN IDIOT - OMG - Nevermind Solved

I am using a package for generating a qr code, and the code simply allows me to use a spacebar tempalte like

{{> qrcode text=helperTitleHere size=200 }}

I have a helper for the page this template is used in, and want to use the return of that helper in the qrcode template text argument, but I’m not certain how to do that.


clientQR: function() {
  let clientInfo = clientName + "\n " + clientInterface + "\n" + clientDNS;
  return clientInfo;

But, obviously, if I do

{{> qrcode text={{clientInfo}} size=200 }}

the first set of }} after clientInfo closes the spacebar, and if I put the {{clientInfo}} in quotes, it’s treated as an exact string.

I just think I’m doing this wrong, but maybe I just need to esacpt the curly braces in my helper. I don’t think that’s right though.

Any help is appreciated.