[Solved] How i can delete an application?

Hello, recently I started in Meteor! I made the tutorial on my PC, but I format my PC.
I installed another system and realized the tutorial again, but got the same domain as above: alejandrort.meteor.com. By modifying the files (html, css and js) changes are not reflected anywhere.
I want to remove the application to create it again and see the changes. I would use the same domain.

PD: Sorry for my English, I’m helping with a translator, I read it, but I’m bad to write.


C:\WINDOWS> meteor help deploy
C:\WINDOWS> meteor deploy --delete  your.app.com

should work :wink:

Oh, im sorry, i forgot to say i use Linux, specifically Ubuntu Mate 14.04, formerly Fedora 21

But, i suppose that the same command is for Linux, i’ll try it

Yes, it works, thank you very much! Now i mark it how Solved.

haha, and I went to all that effort to lookup what a windows prompt looked like! Trying to reverse some of the anti-windows snobbery that sometimes happens :smile: