[SOLVED] How to find which package references another?

Hi all

I have some custom html in a template that requires various CSS and JS stuff, so I’ve moved it all to a package (rahter than putting them in client/lib/compatibility) and added my package to packagejs and it “seems” to work ok, except I am including bootstrap there, but I can see that twbs:bootstrap is also being included (must be a dependency from some other package I’m including) … and I think that’s what is breaking it…

How can I find out which other package has a dependency on twbs:bootstrap without looking into every packages’ package.js file?

Is there a quick solution?


I found the answer. I hope this helps someone:

In a terminal inside your Meteor app:

for p in meteor list | grep '^[a-z]' | awk '{ print $1"@"$2 }'; do echo “$p”; meteor show “$p” | grep -E ‘^ [a-z]’; echo; done