[SOLVED] How to force Meteor to add local package instead of remote?

Let’s say there’s a package dev:something on Atmosphere, but it’s got some bugs, so I want to clone a local copy into my project so I can fix it. If the package is in my project’s packages/ folder, how do I tell Meteor to add my local copy vs the one in Atmosphere?

Okay then, that was the quickest solution ever. Posting here just in case someone else ever searches:

By default, Meteor will search your packages folder first. :slight_smile: I should’ve tried that before posting.


I would also set up a PACKAGE_DIRS env variable to point to a folder.

This way before going to the internet based repository of packages meteor looks in PACKAGE_DIRS and in your packages folder for a package.

Everytime i’m messing with someone else’s package or developing my own external one I place it within my PACKAGE_DIRS folder. This folder is also a git repository with each package setup as a submodule if it hangs around long enough.

This way I can easily reproduce the folder on another machine and not break my local tweaks or changes to 3rd party packages.