SOLVED - How to get Meteor build tool to ignore a config file?

I just upgraded from Cypress 9 to 10. A part of the upgrade is changing the cypress.json to cypress.config.ts which includes importing from the cypress package. Unfortunately this throws off the Meteor build tool:

// ./cypress.config.ts
import { defineConfig } from 'cypress';

export default defineConfig({
  // Cypress configuration options...

Error: Cannot find module "/node_modules/cypress/index.js". Try installing the npm package or make sure it is not a devDependency.

I tried creating a .meteorignore file but that did not work.

# ./.meteorignore

Any other way to fix this short of adding cypress as a dependency?


Hi @hemalr87,
.meteorignore works the same ways as .gitignore and must live in the application’s root.

Also, which Meteor version are you using? Because this was introduced on v1.5.2.1

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Yup my .meteorignore file is at the project root.

I am on Meteor version 2.7.1

EDIT- FIXED. Muscle memory - I used .js when specifying the file rather than .ts.

Thanks @hschmaiske :+1: