[SOLVED] How to install old version of meteor js in Mac mini

I have existing project with meteor version 1.10.2 which has lot of plugins does not support in latest version. I tried to configure new Mac mini where I installed meteor with curl option. When I try to run or create new project with old version it shows below error. Please help me regarding this.

ramesh@Ramesh-Mac-mini Projects % meteor create testACMS --release 1.10.2

This project uses Meteor 1.10.2, which isn’t available on this platform. To

work with this app on all supported platforms, use

meteor update --release METEOR@2.5.1 to pin this app to the newest compatible


Thank You.

I think you’re using Mac mini M1 which has new processor. Meteor supports that one from version 2.5.1 so that the minium version you can install

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Thanks for your reply. Yes you are right. I am using Mac mini M1 only. My Bad

If you really need to be on version 1.10.2, before running any meteor commands, switch to rosetta by typing on the terminal:

arch -x86_64 zsh

Once entered, you can try typing

meteor create testACMS --release 1.10.2


Thank you very much.Solved.