[SOLVED] - How to integrate the tailwind-css into Meteor application with SCSS and fourseven:scss Meteor package?

There are existing multiple tutorials, how to integrate tailwind-css into Meteor app with CSS.

But in my case, I’m using SCSS with fourseven:scss Meteor package. How can I successfully integrate the Tailwind into Meteor with SCSS?

The more updated one is from @fredmaiaarantes Meteor.js with React and Tailwind CSS 3 | by Frederico Maia | Meteor Blog
Also, you can create a new app using the CLI and passing the argument meteor create --tailwind

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Are you asking about integrating Tailwind in an existing Meteor app that is using fourseven:scss?

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@hschmaiske @alimgafar Thanks a lot for your great help like always :slight_smile: Finally the problem was with the package seba:minifiers-autoprefixer. After remove this package and install back original standard-minifier-css@1.8.1 Tailwind started working.