[SOLVED] How to let users create Collections, Publications and Routes


Hello everyone,

I’m working on a monitoring app. It receives data from an external source (via server side route) and displays it on the client with charts and other graphs.

Let’s say we are monitoring 1 data :

  • Temperature : it has its Collection, its Publication and its server side Route for receiving the data.

Now the user wants to add a new type of data : Humidity. It will also need the same thing as Temperature.

How those things are done ? The app changes its own code ?
I never knew how CMS (since it’s sort of a CMS) are done, here we create Collections, Publications and server side Routes (API) instead of adding pages and content.



Maybe you could switch your point of view. Make a collection called Measures (I can’t think of a better name) and add a ‘type’ field in it that says if it is Temperature, Humidity or whatever. Then filter on that field when you want to show data of one type.


This is my thinking, too. In NoSQL we have the freedom to pile as many different types of documents into a single collection as we feel like.


That easy ? Wow :smile:
So I juste have to tell the client to add a ‘‘type’’ field to the data he receives and then filter the Collection by ‘‘type’’ when he wants to display it.

Great ! Thanks !

p.s : is there a way to mark this as solved ?