[SOLVED] How to mark post as SOLVED

I just found and added the answer to a question of my own on this forum, and now I want to mark it as SOLVED. However, I don’t see how I can do this.

you just edit the title to include [SOLVED] pre-pended to the front of what it used to say


I thought so, and now you tell me, I see that this post (the current post) has the possibility to edit the title, but strange enough, the other post has not. See screenshots. The other post has no pencil button next to the title. Any idea why that would be?

It’s related to Discourse’s Trust Levels:

At Level 0-1 you can only edit a post in the first 24hrs
At Level 2 you can edit for 30 days after posting
At Level 3 you can rename anyone else’s topics (Which is how other people can mark your issue solved)

You can also ping one of the mods (or filipenevola) to edit your topic / thread

Looking at your activity on the forum, I think the only thing you need to do to reach level two is to like one post!
Since I’m not sure how long it takes for trust levels to update, and you more than qualify anyway, I’ve manually raised your trust level.
See if you can edit the title on your question now?


Here is a list of level 3 regulars:


funny, the message about the upgrade of my trust level arrived simultanously with your post. I can edit the titlel now

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Yeah I would hope so, since:


Sorry, I overlooked the last part of your message…