[Solved] how to publish packages with specific Meteor 3.0 version to resolve top-level conflicts

The only way I currently found is

curl https://install.meteor.com/\?release\=3.0-beta.0 | sh

however this removes all my current meteor installation before installing the new one.
Is there another way to make the global meteor point to 3.0-beta.0 ?

Updating inside a project keeps the global at 2.14

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So I also found, that after the shell script install, my home directory ~/.meteor is empty, although the script said

Edit: that was not true. However, the below is true:

If I enter meteor or any of it’s command it immediately tries to install 2.14.

Edit: after it has installed 2.14 and I enter meteor --version in any non-project folder it now shows 2.14 as global Meteor version.

So it turned out I didn’t need the global Meteor 3.0. My real intend was to publish with 3.0 as top-level, which I thought would be solved by setting global meteor to 3.0.

Actually I got some hints from @zodern that I can publish packages using --release option, which is not documented yet. By doing so I could resolve all top-level conflicts.

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