[SOLVED] How to reduce the time for the splash screen on android?


I have an apk generated with meteor build.
How can I reduce the time for the splash screen? It should be shorter, it does not really load anything until the user interacts with the UI.


<preference name="splashScreenDelay" value="10000" />

this value in the config.xml will configure how long the splash screen appears for

App.setPreference('splashScreenDelay', '10000');

so something like that in mobile-config.js should work

this may have the default value in it

the value is in milliseconds, so the example value i gave is 10 seconds. prob longer than you want.

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Thanks, do you know what is the default value? or where I can take a look to find out?

sorry the link i gave was outdated

SplashScreenDelay (number, default to 3000). Amount of time in milliseconds to wait before automatically hide splash screen.

this one is better

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Thanks a lot for your help.

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You could also hide the splashscreen after your data is loaded. That way you get an optimal time and don’t risk showing unpopulated screens.