[Solved] How to solve Error: ENOTEMPTY, rmdir?

When running meteor build ../output --server-only --server http:myserver.com, I am getting the following error on Meteor 1.3.1 (Mac)

      throw error;
Error: ENOTEMPTY, rmdir '/Users/me/my-app/.meteor/local/build_tar/bundle/programs/server/npm/node_modules/meteor/babel-compiler/node_modules/meteor-babel/node_modules/babel-core/node_modules'

I tried the following:

  1. Completely uninstall meteor and reinstall
  2. meteor reset
  3. rm -rf .meteor/local
  4. sudo chown -R $(whoami) for directories in the error logs and for npm directories
  5. npm clean cache
  6. Running as sudo

Nothing works! Anyone an idea?

it seems that a restart of my mac has resolved this issue.