[SOLVED] Huge panic: Subscriptions (DDP) is not working!

Since I Meteor 1.6.2 to 2.1 I have strange things happening, the worst was just discovered today, after launch: The client does not react to db changes. First I thought it was something with the subscriptions, but then I noticed that changes in the user db is not reflected either, Meteor.user() will ignore any changes made to the profile until next login.

Same with all other data that I subscribe to - I get the data, but updates in the db will not be seem until reload.

Anyone has an idea of where I should start to look?

No errors are generated.

Hi @ralof,
We had some breaking changes from 1.6.2 to 2.1. You can look at them here: Changelog | Meteor API Docs

My guess is something has changed, and it’s not updated on your code.

Yes, I just went through them (again), but nothing see, to match my problem

Could you provide more info? a code snippet would be great too

Do you use Meteor APM or any similar one? You could try to find errors or something suspicious there

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I will do some more research, but the system is huge, so the code snippet would not help I’m afraid, not without being accompanied by thousands of lines of code from 2017

Worth checking if the pub/sub messages are coming through the websocket connection at all.
Does this happen on dev as well as production?


Open developer tools, go to network tab and see what the socket is doing. Or just add a console.log so you debug the return.

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Install Meteor Dev Tools Evolved in chrome


Maybe you were using the package autopublish and you remove it, now you need to make sure your publications are correct.
Also, check your Tracker if they have the correct reactive variables.

Meteor DevTools is great to watch your data, maybe you can find the reason there

no, never used that. And the pub’s works, but only once (db changes are not picked up).
The system has been running for years, but it has too much old stuff in it.

I am currently simply doing what I should have done - throw out all atmosphere packages.
To start with. But it is painful :slight_smile:

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Is it using a react frontend and uses withTracker?

No, Blaze…
I do wonder though if there might be any React packages on there…

That’s the curse and blessing with node/ meteor – “oh, I just add this package”.
Then that package adds this package and this package adds that…

Sounds like the server issue with mongodb oplog setup.

Just moments ago I got it working again, tomorrow I will find out exactly why.
What I did was to remove:

One of them must be the culprit.
I have not added npm-mongo or minimongo myself and I was very surprised to see that the system does not seem to need them. Maybe their importance (if any) will show later.

Thanks everyone for suggestions!

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Good to know that you were able to solve this and thanks for sharing the solutions. Keep us updated if it’s going to be any problem