[solved] IBM Bluemix deployment with custom domain

I have deployed an Meteor app (1.2.1) to bluemix and have problems with the Facebook login as the cf-meteor-buildpack sets the environment variable ROOT_URL to the system URL of bluemix. As I have registered a custom domain the oauth callback does not work anymore.

In the source code of the buildpack you can see that the domain is taken from the VCAP variables (so it cannot be influenced with a user variable).

Has anybody experienced and solved this problem already?

I would be glad if there is a way without deploying a custom buildpack for for Cloud Foundry Meteor :smiley:

PS: Have created an issue on GitHub as well:


As it seems setting the environment variable in the back-end of bluemix and restarting the Meteor app has no effect, but setting the environment variable with the CLI and restaging the app works.