[Solved] If I have Node 7 and Meteor 1.6, is it safe to install globally Node 8?

Meteor 1.6.1
Node v7.10.0

I would like to install Node 8, mainly to use npx. If I install Node 8 globally, would that affect my Meteor 1.6 enviroment?


No, because each Meteor version comes with a bundled version of node, the version installed on your machine will never matter*

In fact, because Meteor 1.6 comes with node 8 and npm > 5.6, you already have access to npx with meteor npx

So go ahead and update to whatever version of node and npm you want with confidence

(* Except if you run npm install instead of meteor npm install with native binaries, then the binaries will be built for the global version and not the bundled one)


Thanks mate!
This clarifies everything. Excellent answer.

Have a nice one