[SOLVED] Images not loading

We update to Meteor 2.4 an we use:
meteor add iron:router@=1.1.2
meteor add iron:location@=1.0.11
meteor add iron:dynamic-template@=1.0.12
meteor add iron:controller@=1.0.12
All images are in public/img and in template we use src="/img/xyz.jpg"
In this configuration images are not loading.
If I try to access the url of the img we receive: “Oops, looks like there’s no route on the client or the server for url:”
Can anyone help me with some advice?

We find the problem.
In public folder we have ln -s “files”.
After deletion it started working properly.

In develop we managed to load the files from Symbolic Links (linux ln) but in production does not work.
someone manage to rezolv this problem?
cd /var/meteor/bundle
mkdir public
cd public
ln -s /var/meteor/files/

After deploy is working fine also in production